It´s question about our future.

Economic situation of nations is highly depending
on energy. It is widely proven. For example James
Watt´s improvement of a steam engine helped
British to grow as a most powerful imperium of the
time. Unfortunately, in a long run Watt´s invention
caused the biggest problem of our time, climate
change. Thus it is named energy paradox.
It is also known that energy is closely connected to
water and food. It is assumed that related wars will
not be rare. Climate migration is could also be
Until power storage is not solved in a sustainable
way, solar and related energy solutions don´t give
an answer. What to do?
There is a fundamental force. Unfortunately it is a
weak force, say energy experts. On the other hand
it keeps the universe together.

How we're acting out ofnecessity due to climate change.
We must get rid of combustion, especially fired power
plants which produce most of CO2. Got the point.

Conservation of energy means that all energy is
RecyclingEnergy instead of energy generation,
which does not exist.

RecyclingEnergy might not be the best one, but it is
the only one. Powerier infinitely and autonomically
powers anywhere and anytime, on-peak and off-peak,
unlike solar, wind, wave/tidal etc. which are not
renewables because the Sun is not renewable.

GraviEnergy exploits fundamental force, which nobody
or nothing can escape. It´s emission-free but not a
perpetual motion machine. Zero-0input fuel/feedstock
supply enables constant and autonomic operation,
underground and underwater, as well - the most
secured power generation. It powers vehicles locally
”on the street” basis, wirelessly as well. First-ever -
disruptive - NoEnergyWar - Unlike James Watt,
EnergyParadox without sacrifices.